Monday, March 13, 2006

Des Moines Theater on Grand, 1930

Watch the clip: Des Moines Theater, 1930

A short animation I created, using 4 still photographs from the collection of Bill Volkmer, who graciously consented to let me use them. (Much of his collection of trolley photos can be seen online at: Des Moines Railway) The marquee headliner, All Quiet On The Western Front, dates the view as 1930.

I especially am proud of the little guy on the other side of the avenue, walking up the street with his shadow!


bustedacres said...

Amazing. The little test animation piece is totally fascinating. How long does it take to animate that little five second piece?

Keep going on this project, whatever you do, because I love it.

Mark said...

This added up to about a day and a half of work--cutting apart elements in the photographs, and rotoscoping the little man on the street. It was a whole bunch of fun!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I finally found time to look at all this, and it's so cool! You're talented/skilled without being utterly inarticulate--a rarity!