Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hiland at Night

Here's another sewn-together view, from the same reel as the Avalon footage, this time of the rekitted Hiland Theatre, now with its "Giant Wide Vision Screen". The 1954 double feature is "Pushover" and "The Law Vs. Billy the Kid".

The lights don't chase on this one, and the lighting from within the glass-brick tower seems to be set to a static pale blue.


bluesman2001 said...

Wow! Thanks for that cool shot. I don't remember the theater being open back in the 60s when I was kid. I am sure it had just closed sometime in 1970?? I do remember that it was some sort of rock club for about a year or so, before it was completely remodeled as a union hall for the carpenters union. BTW, when does the film come out! I can't wait!

Tom Gary

Blues Historian said...

Hey Its been over a year since your last post!! Is the movie a possibility or has it slipped to the back burner. I think it would be cool to see your movie (if made) at the Varsity.

Tom Gary

Otto Mannix said...

YES, we need more posts. I like this blog and it's been a long time. I have you on my list of links. Have we cashed in our chips?