Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hiland at Night

Here's another sewn-together view, from the same reel as the Avalon footage, this time of the rekitted Hiland Theatre, now with its "Giant Wide Vision Screen". The 1954 double feature is "Pushover" and "The Law Vs. Billy the Kid".

The lights don't chase on this one, and the lighting from within the glass-brick tower seems to be set to a static pale blue.

The Avalon at Night

I just got ahold of some color movie footage from an aunt of mine here in California--apparently my uncle was experimenting with his ability to shoot lights at night with his 8mm camera, and fortunately for me, he shot 2 local nabes I didn't have footage of previously.

This still is sewn together from 3 separate frame grabs of the pan shot he did of the Avalon in its second location--as you can see on the marquee, the feature is a widescreen re-release of "Gone With the Wind", which dates the film as being from 1954.

In the finished film, you'll get to enjoy the chase lights in all their glory!

Thank you, Donna Jean and Duane, for this film.