Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hiland Plan Excerpt

The south elevation (or, as we outside the architectural world call it, "the front view") of the second Hiland theater, as drafted by Wetherell and Harrison in April of 1938. This streamline style was very popular at the time, as was the use of glass bricks in the marquee tower--seen here as criss-cross lines flanking the middle. The idea was that multiple sets of colored lights behind the glass could be turned on alternately, giving the marquee a different appearance for each night.

(Drawing courtesy of Wetherell Ericsson Architecture.)

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Anonymous said...

I love this theater, and recently got to see inside. Gutted, but there are still some traces left of what originally was there. Currently, I am working to rebuild this theater, perhaps not as a movie place, but as something for the area to be proud of and part of my plan is to recreate as closely as possible the original plans. Can you give me some idea of where I can lay my hands on these plans? Thanks...Charles 515-559-8248