Friday, February 02, 2007

"State Fair" Footage News

After much tracking, I finally found out last week that the Fox Movietone News reel (containing the story of the world premiere of "State Fair" at the Des Moines and Paramount in 1945) is still actually owned by: Fox News! The best part of this news, however, is that Fox still holds all the outtakes from this reel, which I am ordering now. Being as only one minute of footage made it to the finished reel, I can only imagine what's contained in the remaining film. More news on this as I get it; you'll be sure to see the best of this in the finished "Lost Cinemas" documentary!

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EricSwede said...

Did you ever get the footage? I noticed on a old radio site that WCFL (in Chicago) had Ted Malone hosting a show from Des Moines at the premiere. Not sure if this was a local or national radio show. Malone was the "inspiration" for the Ernie Kovacs character Percy Dovetonsils. Scheduled guests were Fox contractees Dick Haymes, Peggy Ann Garner, George Jessel and Carole Landis.