Sunday, March 04, 2007

Capri Tel-Op Slide

From my collection of 1960s TV slides, here's one from my own neighborhood: the beloved Capri, formerly the Uptown, located on University across from the Safeway plaza at 42nd street.

When I talked to Bob Fridley last year, he told me that he had visited the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood around the time that he purchased the Uptown, and was so impressed with the sound system there that he had a duplicate of it installed at the Capri!


Jeff said...

I worked at the Capri in the early 70's as janitor and concessions. My friends Ted Brightman, Jim Marsh and I would clean the theatre overnight and screw around so much that it was daylight before we got home. One night we had a snowball fight and we forced Jim to take cover in the Goodwill box across the street. I loved the rockwall waterfall behind the boxoffice.
This was a very cool theatre
jeff Eisentraut

Phil James said...

Wow, I'm totally excited about this movie. My great-grandfather and Croatian immigrant Roy Lepovitz owned three theatres in central iowa (two in dsm and one in Madrid), and my grandparents went on their first date at the old Iowa Theatre.

I'm sure my grandmother Mary Glenn has boxes of material if you would like the research.

Phil James
Des Moines

Phil James said...

my contact info is phil.james (at)

Blues Historian said...

I was driving through Lake City Iowa, and as I looked down mainstreet I was shocked to see the Capri Movie theater sign. Do you think the sign ended up in Lake city, or was Capri a tradmark type sign that many theaters owned?? I think friedly who owns many of the theaters in NW iowa owns the one in Lake City so it makes sense if he moved the sign to Lake City