Thursday, June 17, 2021

"Lost Cinemas" is back on Varsity Virtual in a Special Edition!

After a successful premiere this May on Varsity Virtual, "Lost Cinemas of Greater Des Moines" is back, with several special bonus features, including a recreation of Ted Malone's CBS Radio coverage of the "State Fair" premiere in 1945 (starring our very own Gene Hamilton as Ted), a deleted scene of Craig Binnebose's Drive-In Museum, and a fun animated follow-the-bouncing-ball singalong of "Take Your Girlie To The Movies"!

Tickets are only $5.00, and a portion of the funds go towards the wondrous restoration of the Varsity Theatre, with plans to reopen to the public in 2022.

If you missed "Lost Cinemas" the first time around, or can't wait to see it again, do it here:

Stay tuned for further details on new platform availabilities!

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