Sunday, February 05, 2006

Capitol DI Letterhead

Here's the official letterhead that was used by the Capitol Drive-In--check out the emphasis on the electric in-car heaters! "No Dangerous Fumes". "Completely weather-proofed and grounded". "Heater may be placed on dashboard, floor, or seat of car."

The big irony: "Anytime is Outdoor Movie Time". Yet, this didn't save drive-ins in the chilly midwest, and--harder to believe--even in sunny southern CA. As I write this, there are no drive-ins left in L.A. County at all. And of course, with the demise of the SE14th Street DI, Des Moines is entirely without drive-ins as well.

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Janet - Painted Piglet, BikerChickNews said...

And not many left in Iowa, I suppose... although, I did find one still functioning just last summer (2005), right outside of Newton/Colfax. We were buzzing through on the motorcycles at the time, and didn't stop, but they were expecting folks that night b/c there was a fairly current film out on the marquee. A realtor's website I found lists it as the Valle Drive-In.