Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ideal Program and Building

The Ideal was a nabe that, despite its small size, put out a very thick (40 pages!) souvenir program--the black and white images here are from a 1939-1940 winter program.

The color photo on the left, from 1986, shows the Ideal in quite altered form--the only hints of its former self appear in the red and black deco tiling around the door. There didn't appear to be an active business there at the time I shot this, and it appears to have been up for rent in the 2003 Assessor's photograph on the right (which shows the deco material built over). Wonder if there's anything interesting left in the former projection booth...?

Take a drive on over to 2447 East Walnut and see what you can see.


Janet - Painted Piglet, BikerChickNews said...

Hey Mark, this one I believe is indeed still there; I sent you a photo dated 2003... but the Assessor's website says it's still on the tax rolls. I'll drive by for ya and try to snap a newer pic. This website is REALLY cool!

Mark said...

Janet, I've added your photograph to the old one, and tried size and crop them for better comparison.