Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ingersoll Tel-Op Slide

The Ingersoll is one of the very few Lost Cinemas that still retains its original building--luckily, it looks pretty similar to how it looked when it opened in 1942. The theatre switched from movies to live theatre in 1978, when it became the Ingersoll Dinner Theatre. Its marquee has recently been restored, and much of the original tiling is still available to see.

The slide shown above is from its movie exhibition days, and has been restored, evening out the colors and eliminating dust and scratches.


Anonymous said...

The Ingersoll Dinner Theater went out of business a couple of years ago. The future of the building is unknown.

Mark said...

That's a little scary, Jim!

Somebody will need to photograph that place inside and out very soon, just in case...

I can't imagine that building would go, but then again, there are too many other examples of that exact thing happening.

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

In 1964 I was in fourth grade at St.Augustin School and, along with the nuns, we all walked about six blocks to the Ingersoll to see The Song of Bernadette which totally captured my little Catholic heart and inspired me to take Bernadette as my confirmation name.

Jim said...

I have seen 3 plays there in my life. I live in southern Iowa. It's a shame that there is fewer and fewer places like this. I was hoping to take my family. I did not know it was closed down. If I had the money I would re open it. I have great memories going there when I was younger.

Anonymous said...


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