Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Strand (was Unique)

The Strand, at 614 Locust, began life as the nickelodeon called Nickeldom (created by Elbert and Getchell in 1905). Here's the logo that adorned most of the newspaper ads at the time.

Its first name change dubbed it the Unique from 1908-1920 (as pictured here), and finally took the monicker Strand under the A.H. Blank empire--it retained this name the longest, until its closure in 1953. (I have pictures of the Nickeldom and Unique incarnations, but nothing from the Strand era--do any of you out there have anything? Drop me a line at

Also shown here is a matchbook from the Palms Restaurant, located "below" the Strand at 616 Locust.

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Unknown said...

Good Grief, I'd forgotten the Palms Cafeteria was under the Strand (and Frankel's Men's clothing store to the West. Right?