Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rare Photo: The Beaver Theatre

Here's a rather rare shot (the only one I've ever seen, in fact) of the Beaver Theatre at 2706 Beaver in Beaverdale. This is the same building that housed Iowa Service Hobby, and an upstairs dance studio. I recall seeing light sconces on the walls of the dance studio that looked as if they might be left over from the theatre days, but nobody working there knew anything about it.

The Beaver started its career as the Gem in 1936, then took its neighborhood namesake in 1936, running as such until its closure in 1957.


bustedacres said...

Hey, it's Matt.

This one's great (I love the slides, too).

Are you just searching out these things online or are they all in some secret box of stuff you've been hoarding for years?

Mark said...

I still poke around eBay for items, but it's been a long time since I've seen anything new.

So, yes, I have a cabinet drawer full of this stuff! Notebooks, boxes, film reels, disks...